27 de enero de 2013

Not always met five years

Nothing takes so long in the minds of child of five as the game. They play to discover how to jump higher than the previous day, to interact with their friends, to try to reach the lower leaf of the tree. They want improved through exercise, they want to learn. Because they need to rebuild their world, almost as great as that of the stories, but so real it makes them feel protagonist as a princess, as a warrior, as an astronaut or doctor. And like his dad or mom.

And we, the teachers, only help them to organize that world. We instill the necessary skills (math and language), perhaps as expressive instruments, perhaps as tools to better understand and manage their realities at will, with ever greater autonomy. With the opportunity of contact with other children, other adults and exchange knowledge. In order to develop better, happier.

But almost all is based upon the game, that activity so serious that adults sometimes forget. The game as an activity that has meaning in itself. It is enough.

Playfully we deny the seriousness of our daily life when we give ourselves passionately to any work that takes us out of our concerns: conflict, resource scarcity ... smile shines and illuminates our delight with our eyes as we do, that love to things is part of the game. It is a love of life, and it is a love for life. We face a world that we believed hostile, and we do best when another facet of the game, creativity, makes us better means to approach it with a smile.

As adults we can cover all types of games: the single, the parallels, the symbolic, the representation, the rules ... But we do not always. And we do not always aware. Nor is it necessary, because spontaneity is also part of our ludic consideration.

We may yet because we are playful. We are a miracle of life, consciousness and game inserts on this small planet that still gives us endless possibilities. If more is because we do limit the ludic ability: sometimes we constrain it an alleged serious image to others, sometimes we take refuge in empty words, sometimes we simply forget that we are able to keep playing.

I admire children five years because, despite all the difficulties we are going to continue putting our path, they still play: learning, growing, enjoying their lives ... I admire and learn from them.

Small, good luck in the future! But, considering that I do not mean gambling, and assuming that the future does not exist, Long and ludic present for you!!

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  1. Thanks, Pepe. I agree... there is so much to learn from 5 year-olds. That we could only retain the capacity to admire, to discover, to be in awe, to play...

    1. Thank you, Alma. I think five, ten and above all remain in each of us. I think it's worth occasionally recover them. Greetings.


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